Sunday, April 10, 2011

Medan in March | Been So Long...

My 三大宝贝 checking-in...

It's Bosco's first flight and he seemed to know his way well

Home with the nieces (Andy's overwhelmed by them..)

Must-have grilled seafood dinner at Cemara Asri

I think there were total 18 of us

Babies not too happy with the hot weather

But soon delighted with the playground at the new temple nearby


Ah Boy's Mom said...

yay... gw jg suka tuh makan di cemara asri. enaaaak.... hahahaa.

temple nya luas banget ya di sana. gw liatnya sampe "wow".

PRIMA said...

iya Len, kamu terakhir kali balik medan tuh kapan?? this trip back was really good :)