Saturday, June 18, 2011


Macau Day 2 PM | 29 April 2011

After our hearty dimsum at Sands, we bid goodbye with my in-laws again and departed for 大三芭 (da san ba) to cover at least one tourist attraction in Macau.

And here are the snippets:

First stop after alighting from the taxi, we took this photo at the main entrance.
I had just googled it to learn that this is called the Senado Square.

While making our way up to the Ruins of St. Paul's, we were distracted by how crowded this store was. It claimed to sell the famous Macau pork chop bun with the endorsements of some korean stars too. With excitement, Andy quickly joined the queue to get the pork chop buns, the egg tarts and the bubble tea.

A total disappointment we must say! I bet 90% of the patrons were all tourists whom were misled by the queue...

Less than 10 minutes later, we reached our destination, the Ruins of St. Paul's.

Snap! Snap! Snap! We took turns to pose, except for Bosco who got too sleepy in his stroller..

Not wanting to end the experience so soon, Andy zoomed to find other 'fulfillment'.

"Look baby! I got you more Portuguese egg tarts! And Gong Cha!!"

The egg tarts from Koi Kei 钜记饼家 were good, but I still prefer the tarts from Choi Heung Yuen 咀香園餅家.

But its Gong Cha was really good. The same bubble tea bought from Singapore was nowhere to be compared to the ones we bought in Macau! Happy, happy, everybody's happy!

Last few shots before we left 大三芭, a little 舍不得, but with kids in tow I think those were the best we could do -_-

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