Friday, June 17, 2011

Egg Tarts, Imperial Hotel and Duckie Dishes

OK. What a lousy hiatus in the blog again.
Hope to catch up with more posts this weekend!

Revisiting our Macau/HK holiday back in May...

Day 1 afternoon at The Venetian
Hubby shopped 'til he was granted a free membership at Choi Heung Yuen Bakery 咀香園餅家 . (must buy: egg rolls and egg tarts)

Super yummilicious Portuguese egg tarts

An x-factor to go back to Macau (someday) *droolz*

Posing at The Venetian with its painted sky ceiling..

Then we came back to check-in at the Imperial Hotel,
a pretty good one considering its decent price (wait til u see our hotel in HK)

Again, the children never get too tired to explore :)

After a good hot shower and quick lazing in the room, we proceeded for dinner.
The same restaurant which we just visited in the afternoon...
For everyone love this!!

The one that got everyone went ga-ga!

Even my father-in-law could 不顾形相的 pose for me to confirm!!

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