Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ning Xuan's Birthday | 16.07.2011

It's Ning Xuan's 2nd birthday exactly one month ago. Chloe and Bosco have been hanging out a lot with Xuan lately. Super adorable hot babe! :D

We were delighted to spend her actual birthday together, so we spent a good day relaxing at our home after lunch.

Xuan with her birthday present, especially picked by Chloe

The kids pretending to serve the cake for the adults

"I must get into good books of Xuan's mummy!" thought Bosco

haha, well done boy!!

We cut Xuan's birthday cake before heading out for dinner

The trio – Xuan, Chloe and Bosco

Best Friend Forever – Xuan and Chloe

The night ended after our super yumz claypot porridge dinner...

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