Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Singapore Flyer | 02.07.2011

It was my 3rd time on Singapore Flyer – almost a year after my last ride. Not much has changed, except that they added a mini showcase about Singapore while walking towards the giant wheels..

Equipped with my EFS 55–250mm lens for the first time, shooting portraits was a challenge.

So, I hopped into the wheel with Boho Chic and Emo Girl!

...plus my Father-in-law.

I think at this age, Bosco would have loved the view... just too bad he was sleeping away. Andy and my MIL were at Popeye's with Bosco while waiting for us.

Chloe was however not attracted and was not too pleased to begin with...

She rather spent time playing games on the iPhone

That day, I found the ride rather boring too.
Next time I must try to take it in the evening to experience the night view.

The fun part for me was to be able to explore my lens...
The before and after zooming – awesome!

Towards the end of the ride, I finally managed to isolate Chloe from the phone
and took some photos together...

Finally, she's back to her bubbly self!

So that pretty summed up our Saturday morning, soaring up in the sky...

Bye bye Flyer, I'll see you in October...

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