Sunday, July 15, 2012

Balik Kampung for 2 Weeks

I had the chance to actually spend 2 weeks back at hometown Medan in March. A tad too long and got a little boring by the second week. But looking back at these photos, I don't mind to go back again next year....

Well, maybe 4–5 days trip?? :)

Bringing Chloe and Bosco all by myself.. and lollipop saved the day!
Trip to Berastagi right after reaching Medan
We are cousins!
from left to right:
Alvin, Bosco, Rochelle, Chloe, Jazeline, Giselle and Michelle
Hillpark – the mini themepark which is very suitable for young children
Kids and their rides...
Andy spent his birthday at Medan for 2 consecutive years!
With so much love by young girls, I think he didn't mind at all!
It's nonstop singing and dancing all day long!
Goodbye kiss from Bosco to Rochelle~~

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