Thursday, July 5, 2012

Marchin' into March

Had received warm reminders lately that my blog is still way too outdated and s.l.o.w. moving. A little upset on myself, but still feel thankful for the feedbacks. Cos it means they are still loyal readers out there looking forward to my postings :D

Here's a nice gesture from us :) thanks!
Some cute photos from March to share,...
Our royal princesses from the house! Hairbands gotten from Beijing
Dad-in-law's birthday, everybody got really high over the 'rich' cake!
*Yea, eat it baby!*
Get-together with Jerome and Jayden...
...and Ning Xuan too!
Chloe started her first foam art, and I think she is doing good!
However, Bosco had trouble organizing the small pieces of foams!
Check out his hopeless gaze...
Nevermind though, cos he's good with his cars :D

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