Saturday, August 4, 2012

April Fun in the East

Sigh.. Mama took forever to blog about this April Fun we had in the East!
So here we go... I'd like to share these fun moments we had with you!
Ready for wild wild fun! Posing for the Wild Wild Wet photographers.
Love this! Though I cried a little~~ Can you spot me and Papa behind the water? :)
And the lazy river too!
Thanks to Jayden's mummy, we got to stay at Changi Beach Club for a night.
It was a good catch up with Jayden..
Ball pit for the grown-up toddlers! Still our all-time favourite!
It's Jerome's 1st Birthday at SAF Changi Seaview Resort
Cool party it was. We totally had fun!
Papa bought Popin' Cookin' from Downtown East
when Papa and Mama sneaked out to catch midnight show.
I'd forgive them for this was way too interesting! (See more photos here.)
"Let's have more family bonding and gathering every weekend," said Bosco
Til then...


Emily said...

was that the last time we caught up??!! man...we should do it soon. - Emily

PRIMA said...

yea did my invite yesterday, come in timely? haha

Anonymous said...