Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finding Love in BKK | July 2012

This post may not serve as the holiday guide for Bangkok, as most of you probably know better places and food to go. Thanks to a bunch of the mummies gang on fb, and tips from Andy's colleagues, we had enjoyable time in this short getaway :)

Checking-in at Grand Mercure Fortune Bangkok, we explored Central Plaza, which is directly opposite the hotel on that afternoon.

Took a cab to Platinum Fashion Mall to witness the shops after shops of wholesales heaven. Sadly, I couldn't find anything my size x.x . Got a few sets of children clothes and the street food satisfied our other side of craving :p

Some sort of chicken/shrimp meatballs right outside Platinum — yummeh!

We carried our night adventure to the Chinatown to hunt for the famous seafood stall. Nevertheless, we had a bowl of bird's nest goodness each as our appetizer.

Then, we found the red / green rivals seafood stalls — too obvious to miss! Both stalls were mad-packed. But the red-stall waiter was really friendly to hold us and find seats for us.

Contented husband waiting for food to be served :)

Thumbs-up for the grilled and fried seafood + the hot chilli. However, steamed fish and noodle were a bit bland. Overall, the squeezy-hot dining experience was still a great experience. Definitely would love to go back for this.

Random balloon seller at Chinatown.

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