Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kuala Lumpur in June

Earlier in June, we went to have a short gathering with my family at KL. Everything happened too quickly. We stayed 1 night at Fahrenheit Suites to a total disappointment, and then moved out to have another night at Park Royal.

The main itineraries there were eating and hanging out. The children and my nieces had great time watching Madagascar 2 together, running about in the shopping mall and at the hotel. Andy and I managed to catch Hunger Games too, when it has stopped showing in Singapore.

Time for photos (beware, lots of narcissism)

Bosco posing at fahrenheit suites

Andy and his sweetie pie Chloe

This looked like the children modelling for giordano, huh?  >.<

Us — minus Andy and Chloe who went to hunt for place for dinner
And nana, as my reliable photographer!

After dinner — love our matching green attire :)

Kids version — posing for chanel?? 

Now B posed at park royal room, with his newly bought clothes

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