Monday, October 1, 2012

TTAP Family Day

Back in July, we were invited to Andy's company family day. It was a fun-filled morning at Bottle Tree Park, Yishun. Though Andy and I wished the weather could be a little cooler, the kids however enjoyed themselves much with the child-friendly activities.

Chloe asked if she could go to 'family day' on every weekend ... -.-"

Oops, the parents had reflected. And we have since been planning for more family bonding and activities with the kids there after.

The highlight of the day? Should be our new family tees :)
Photos below:

Surprisingly brave: Bosco ran up the stage to join Andy's amazing race team.

Enjoyed fresh popcorn, and lotsa balloons within 3-min-queue

Rather shy Chloe: concentrated on her colouring competition

Proud of her #1 winning entry of the day!

Chloe embraced herself to a hand painting.
Maybe a face paint next time?

A B C D in our Mickey getups.

**Tees by Giordano, we got them during our KL trip in June.

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