Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Changes in Me

Would like to dedicate this post to my friend S** (haha) who is soooo curious of me being pregnant.
To sum up, these are the changes i feel, i have, i endure for the past 9weeks.

- clothes feel tight due to body has expanded a little
- boobs getting bigger and really sore!! yeah need to invest on new bras!
- can't get in to my fave jeans anymore. even though i try, i'll be changing to a comfy pullover in the next second
- i think due to hormonal changes, nails grow faster, hair does grow faster too (not only the hair-'hair' but all kinda hair in ur body.. must keep on grooming and shaving la!!)

- i cry over silly commercials; 5 seconds of touching moment on the screen; little things that bug me or even little arguments
- i daydream more
- overworrying unneccessary matter
- i become more blur sotong.. keep on forgetting things
- easily irritated, easily irked..

The not-so-proud of changes:
- hungry yet fuzzy over what to have for dinner.. wanna keep on exploring NEW food that i never try
- tend to dislike my old fave dish, little taste or smell of it could make me jump
- strong sense of smell in the surrounding.. stink smell, perfume that makes me dizzy, food smell that i hate
- the dizziness, nauseous, tiredness, backache etc etc

Well i hope the third part doesn't scare u off
Trust me it's all worthwhile :)
Yes it is...

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Anonymous said...

yes it sounds scary!. I am sure it is worth it!

Take care not to over exert!