Friday, June 1, 2007

A Year after ROM

I get so excited about today as it's officially been a year after our Registration of Marriage (ROM). Though hubby is down with flu and hence all plans HAVE to be postponed. But it really warms my heart to start the day!

I'd always like to remind myself on how lucky I am to be married to him (ah so mushy)..
It didn't take long for us to tie down the knot.

Here is the highlight of our milestones!
We started to get to know each other 1st Jan 2006 via the net.
We first talked on the phone on the 4th Jan.
We first (casually) met on the 5th Jan.
We first (officially) dated on the 7th Jan. Ta-da, we officially became an item.. :)

He (casually) mentioned about marriage in March 2006.
We flew back to Indonesia in April to get 'approval' from my parents.
He (officially) proposed on the 2006.05.04. time 1:02:03 am (yah that makes the memorable!)

We registered our marriage on the 1st of June 2006.
We held our customary on the 20th of January 2007.

There you go...For people who do not know us well might think that we're some love desperados that can't wait to start a family :P Anyway.. those are such memory-testing!! But certainly bring back all the sweet memories.. Maybe this post is useful in the future to remind myself on our journey!


wiwimu said...

Wah one year already!!

Andi Shie said...

wahhhh ... lu gak bilang yah ternyata pertemuan kalian dulunya hanya butuh waktu yg singkat dan sekrang udah jadi papi n mami liaoo.... hehehehe

kong hei lei worrr ....

Prima said...

hahaha iya man.... turbo speed :)
he's the one sih :P

wiwimu said...

Nice pic on your profile!