Wednesday, June 6, 2007

There goes my dream house

Ok.. it's more like my dream flat.

After been waiting for about 4 months, so disappointed to learn that the owner needs another 3 year to sell her flat to us!!
Said she has just bought a new bungalow which needs 3 years to be completed. So she gotta postpone the selling..

Though it's not a 'dream' dream house like pictured below... but it's the best that fits hubby and my requirements in the past one year.

A flat that is near to the inlaw (for obvious reasons, taking care of baby, and the meal provider :P). This one is just 8 floors apart!! Flat that is high floor. On the plus side, it has the pool view right from the master bedroom!! How romantic!! Though it's just a public swimming pool across the street, hey, what beats a FREE view??

Duh.. the more i write, the more disappointed i am..

Now has to go back to square one, start contacting our house agent, go for house viewing, provided we find something we like~~

I won't stop telling myself.. maybe this is blessing in disguise, maybe this waiting game will lead to some good find in the end of the day. Say maybe we're striking toto soon? so i can get my dream house??


Anonymous said...

:( It is a very good spot. I am also hoping to find an apartment near the in-laws!!!

Not to worry you will find somewhere even better!

Anonymous said...

What's with the Sotong!!??

Prima said...

haha was just so bored reaching work too early.. so i came across this sotong pic that u took last year.. i love it!!! :)

Anonymous said...

haha so silly hor