Friday, January 18, 2008

Back at work!

The year 2008 marks a new chapter in my life. After 38 weeks of pregnancy journey and 3 months spent at home with Chloe, I'm now officially back at work. I must say I enjoy every single bit being a mum. Watching her grow day by day, observe and learn so much stuff makes me a proud mum :)

Though a few challenges faced in the beginning, such as not understanding her crying patterns; waking up in the midnites; her hernia condition; latching and burping problems, I'm glad that I've overcome those stages.

Only wish I have now is to be able to spend more time with Chloe. As for the coming months, we would expect to see more developments such as to turn and stay on her tummy, able to raise her head up, roll and crawl!!

At the moment, her only skill is able to turn sideway, and her pastime favourite: enjoying her very own Chicken Wing!

Oh I miss her MUCH!!

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