Friday, February 1, 2008

Life on our own

Moving house is certainly not an easy task. First the reno works, then the stuff packing, comes the transport to move those barang-barang. The official/auspicious move-in day, the tidying and cleaning up. The housewarming. The wrapping up of reno works by the contractor (I bet now he is at my house rectifying some final faulties and malfunctions.)

A week after moved into our own place, these are the after-effects scenarios:
- Boxes and luggages still unpacked, squashed inside the store room
- Unorganized housewarming gifts left on the floor, inside the 3rd room
- New letters, receipts, documents are all over the places
- Laundry undone

I certainly need more time to clean up and adjust. New house, new routine, new schedule for us and also baby Chloe. With Chinese New Year around the corner, I need a miracle again.

Despite all, I am glad we finally made it. A house, a home by ourselves.

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