Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chloe and Jasper

It was the 4th time Chloe met Jasper 弟弟 . Wow, his rapid growth has amazed me. Only 1 month's apart from the last gathering with TH and Sabrina, yet baby Jasper has grown from a sleepy baby to an active baby. :)
Active Chloe and Jasper

By the way, Chloe is 2 months older than Jasper.
Check out their previous get-together too!

Chloe was 4 mths, Jasper was 2 mths

Sleeping together!

Looking forward to meet again, Jasper!!

By carrying Jasper, I feel so much difference between having a baby boy and a baby girl. Boy is soooo much more difficult to settle and soothe... Talk about his physical strength... Phew!

But, but, I still very much hoping to give Chloe a younger brother.. muahahaha!! soon?? hm...

Like this..


Hallan said...

hahaha, jia you jia you!!!

Eunice Rachel said...

can't wait for etienne n chloe to meet!! 2 french names too... haha

Prima said...

Hehe sure sure! But must wait for Etienne to grow up a bit first, cos i scared chloe will bully him hehehe