Monday, April 7, 2008

Chloe's 1st taste on cereal

Finally, after contemplating when to start Chloe on cereal.., we (the excited parents) made a one teaspoon of Nestle Gold Rice Cereal with Apple and Cranberry for her on Saturday. (It smells real nice!)

Hubby was the one in-charge with feeding while I was carrying Chloe. Clearly, hubby said i'm lousy in feeding him snacks all the time, thus i was put on 'stand-by mode'. :(

Here sharing are our experience feeding Chloe. It wasn't so successful, but we had a great laugh over her funny facial expressions. *evilish parents*

Chloe was so excited on the mini bowl and spoon presented to her. When she tasted the pinkish-cereal, she showed a yucky face.

"What's this funny taste??"

Later on, she started to enjoy it. She would lean forward to the spoon and make the YUMZ YUMZ gesture after tasted it..

"It's not that funny after all.."

But shortly after that, she got bored/disturbed/impatient and rejected it. She was moving a lot just to get away from the spoon and as if she's complaining,

"Pleaseee I've had enough!"

Lastly, she started turning close to me for milk milk.. :)

I guess this feeding practice need to be done for some time before she can finally understand that cereal would be her next food.

*Only took 2 pics throughout for we're too tied up holding and feeding her.

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himawari said...

try gerber sweet potato. Valencia is addicted to it now. She has put her nestle brown rice cereal as 2nd choice. hahaha