Monday, April 7, 2008

I cooked! Yes, I cooked!!

I brought Chloe out to our neighbourhood market during the weekend. Laogong got surprised when I came home with more plastic bags than he expected on Sunday. I think he almost dropped his jaw when i told him i was going to cook lunch.

So off I started with .. calling back home! Ha.. The dishes i was about to make were inspired by my mum's homecook. Of course i had to double check with her if i got everything right. And to be guided on the correct steps to do later on.

The highlight of the lunch was the potato soup that i've long missed. Then a simple vege and.. a convenient ready-made sausage with cheese. :) So here I started preparing for the soup...

Then get the vege ready...

Then heating up the sausages to its right temperature...


And ta-da.... the final outcome:

I must say I'm pretty proud of myself by making those dishes for I'm well-known of being an idiot in cooking ... I'll definitely explore more in cooking!

Thanks laogong for being supportive and appreciative too :)

I knew it didn't taste quite well :P hehe..


Anonymous said...

No darling, the taste was wonderful! Looking forward to your weekend cooking!

wiwimu said...

we shd go for cooking classes next time. :)
I love to cook!