Tuesday, May 13, 2008

KL, Here We Come..

Our long anticipated holiday is round the corner! A holiday for the 3 of us, as a family. Counting down to visit KL in another 4 days.

Yoo Hooo!!

A list of things to do in KL:
  1. makan, makan, and makan
  2. let Chloe have her first dip in the pool
  3. meet Hallan and her girls
  4. shopping (hopefully, with the limited budget) for the family
  5. enjoy good quality sleep
  6. have my hair cut (if time permits)
Now, a list of things to pack for the short getaway:
  • For the parents:
    1. Clothes, swimming gears, basic toiletries
    2. Lenses and make ups for me!
    3. CAMERA, 2 memory cards and fully-charged battery
  • For the lil' one:
    1. clothes that include day wear, pyjama, socks, oversized swimming suit, hanky, bibs
    2. sleeping needs: pillow, bolster and blanket
    3. diapers, wet tissues and tissues
    4. milk powder and cereal
    5. feeding necessities: bottles, bowl n spoon, milk dispenser, bottle wash
    6. bathing necessities: bath n shampoo, bath clothes, towel, baby cream, nappy rash cream (?), sunblock (?), ru yi you
    7. must-have pacifiers and some teethers to keep her occupied
    8. book or rattles to entertain should she get bored
Oh gosh! That's a long list. Should you see what i've missed out, please please drop me a message!

*still thinking hard on the list*

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