Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oct Babies Meet up on Labour Day

This is such a wayyyy backdated post. It's the oct '07 mummies meet up took place at White Dog Cafe at Vivo City. Chloe made new friends on that day. And i get to meet my peers who've been talking and sharing for the past months, or maybe a year!

Half of the cafe was occupied by us!

Chloe with mature-looking Kayden

Chloe with YZ aka baby Wormy. Oh no, what's Chloe touching there?

Chloe with snow white skin Clare, as pretty as her mum!

Chloe with Lance. He's just too cute and chubby :)

Chloe with Raphael (left) and Lleyton (right)

Chloe and Lleyton (right) were actually born on the same day!

And Chloe get to meet her existing friends too! Chloe met Aralyn and Ziqian before at the Expo baby fair. Track them here and here.

Chloe and Aralyn. It proves again Lyn loves to touch Chloe, hee

Chloe and Ziqian (Anderson). Still not on talking term!

Chloe and Ziqian. Now his turn to cry... sobz!

Looking forward to meet them again on next monday. Yay! :)
I know Chloe loves socializing a lot!! :)

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