Wednesday, May 14, 2008


For the zillion times, I've thought, talked, discussed and shared this with you. I think i'm getting a lil' desperate about it now.

I googled it. I chatted about it to all mummies/friends. I'm thinking it every now and then.

I feel helpless and upset as this is not any time when i can tell myself, "Just Do It!"

I need reassurance, i need support and more supports.

Now i think i need some air, clear air to think over things. If only the decisions can be easily weighed using a scale, its pros and cons of being a SAHM or stay put at work.

Somebody help!

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Eunice Rachel said...

i think u shld follow your heart and be a sahm if u r serious about it. dun overthink it...the workforce will always be around if u change your mind. life's too short for regrets!

Anonymous said...

I think its great to stay home to look after Chloe if hubby is supportive! Then you can consider having your 2nd child without worrying about who to take care etc :)

Wah Chloe looks really happy all the time :)