Friday, May 9, 2008


Chloe has started semi-solid for a month now. I have decided to upgrade her meal from cereal to porridge. She has her first porridge meal for dinner today. She took it like usual cereal or puree.

She really loves the idea of weaning. For the past two weeks, she's been rejecting her milk. From 6oz per feed, now she only finishes 4oz (that's when i'm lucky). When I'm not having any luck, she just open wide her mouth, unwilling to swallow the milk, hence all flowing down to her neck! Naughty baby! She takes her water or juice well, just the milk she rejects!

Called up the PD clinic and checked about it this morning. According to the nurse, some babies at this stage will reject milk. Babies get to taste more food and develop preferences. More over, if the baby has growing teeth. Chloe has two growing teeth now!

With irregular feeding routine, her poo routine also got messed up. I just wish she will soon graduate from this phase. Regular meal, regular feeding time and regular poo! That will sum up to a relieved mum!

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himawari said...

i boil the porridge with chinese spinach and bits of chicken. Blend them again with a food processor for her to swallow better. It works well.