Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reminiscing The Past, Treasuring The Future

I was sitting quietly in front of the mac, quietly browsing, chatting, surfing, jumping from one application to another. Lots of thoughts came to my mind while practicing the above acts:
  • The courtship journey. I have no idea why i'm reminiscing this all of a sudden. Then the vivid memory jumped to..
  • The (already fat) body that i once had. Then i thought of looking for this picture which i think i look slimmest! (self-admired)
  • It was taken during the Bintan trip that we went on Sept 2006.. with sis-in-laws
  • Then i thought of the wedding...
  • Moving on to the cruise holiday last year, along with the parents too

"I'm in need of serious quality holiday only with the hubby.."

Then i stopped to see this photo of Chloe on my desk, then i thought:
  • Never mind the saggy body, I've got my lovely baby to replace that
  • It's OK we didn't get to go for any honeymoon after the wedding too, cos we get to go holiday now as ONE FAMILY

1 comment:

himawari said...

Yes, going to holiday as A FAMILY is the most important thing.
Er we can even go holiday as 2 big family hahahahha.