Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Camping at the Living Room

It was our 2nd night 'camping' at the living room. Few things i liked about it were:
  • I could rush and make milk faster for Chloe during midnight, as it's nearer to the kitchen
  • Mattress on the floor means more safety for Chloe, in case she managed to squeeze out of the d.i.y safety gate
  • Chloe and I on the queen bed, and hubby on the single bed, provided more space rather than 3 of us squeezed in the king size bed. Chloe loved it cos she could cruise around

Since Chloe is getting better, I think we're moving back to the room tonight. The queen size bed has to go back to its bed frame. I certainly need to sweep and mop the house. It's a total mess!

And we are counting down to our Malacca trip this weekend :)
Packing should be easier this time round.
Anyway, i can always refer to the list of things to pack done last month.

Yeah! I'm gettin' the kick of driving up Malaysia again..


Pat Goh said...

For night feeds, you should pack the milk powder into the milk canister, like when you pack for travelling. Then add cold water into the milk bottle and have a hot water flask at hand. All these items can be placed in your bedroom so when Chloe wants her night feed you don't have to rush to the kitchen. As for the blocked nose, you may want to try Karvol. You squeeze the liquid from a capsule, onto a handkerchief and place it near the baby. It helps in her blocked nose. I use it for Caitlin nowadays as she's also under the weather. Can get from pharmacy.

Prima said...

Hi Pat! Thanks for the tips :)

will get Karvol and have it stand by next time :)

Hope to see u guys soon :D