Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Malacca: Dinner@BeiZhan Restaurant

We had our dinner at Bei Zhan Restaurant Malacca, an award-winning Chinese cuisine. Indeed it's pretty famous, see the google search i found.

All of us took cabs down to the restaurant. Cab fare was RM15. It's a fixed rate, try to negotiate to RM12, but there is no meter rate in Malacca.

When we reached about 7.30pm, the 1st level was already full house! Our group occupied about 5 or 6 tables at the 2nd level.

Food wise, it's pretty delicious. Other than that, the place was a bit too small; the seating arrangement of 12 person in a table, the long queu to the small loo at the corner. I think they should look into that to improve overall satisfaction.

No food photos to share, just Chloe busy with her teething rusk :)

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