Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chloe's 1st Dip in the Pool

We brought Chloe to the pool this trip! Yeah.. promise kept :) Not long after checking in to the hotel, Bayview Hotel, I changed Chloe to her swimwear. To my surprise, it fit her well. See the clones posing happily together :)

Showing off the 'no-fret' look!

Hehe we couldn't help but laughed at her expression afterwards. By the way, the children's pool was too cold, hence we proceeded to the jacuzzi, tough only a little bit warmer.

A picture says a thousand words, the frightened-looking Chloe!

Was it the water temperature? or the bubbles and its waves?

We literally waited for 15minutes for her to warm up...

Til finally she could smile and enjoy herself :)

Nice one, darling... ;)

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Pete & Kat's Baby said...

Oh poor Chloe, she did look frightened in that pic!