Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Malacca: Lunch@Sibaraku

Our first stop at Malacca was Mahkota Parade shopping centre. I didn't remember what time we reached, or how big was the shopping centre. I was glad that we reached, and i got to breathe some fresh air for my nose was blocked, my head was aching and i couldn't stop sneezing during the ride. One thing i could recall was, the sun was super striking bright in Malacca!

Next thing was to fill up our empty stomach.. and indulge in good food (hoping for some luck)

The group recommended this Japanese buffet at level 2. Sibaraku Teppanyaki Buffet. It costs about RM25++ for adults, and half the price for children below 1.2m.

Took some photos at the entrance.

I bet Chloe was anticipating for some good food, like her parents :)

After seated, we tried other food like sushi, hand roll, tako balls, desserts while waiting for the master to prepare our teppanyaki. It wasn't good. I had to wait for the teppanyaki.

So we were right. Thumbs up for the teppanyaki. Varieties of meat, seafood, satay, different sauces. Yumz... Give it a try if you're there. But a piece of advice, don't bother to try other food than the teppanyaki. :)

Just one shot that i managed to take. Too busy indulging our food as usual.

Looking at our food, Chloe could only bite... her pacifier... gggr....

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