Monday, July 7, 2008

The Parents and Parents-to-be Gathering

Besides Emily and Dylan, we also invited Jesslyn and Cedric for dinner. We talked about parenthood, pregnancy, delivery procedure, babies, schedule, more on parenthood! You bet! Those are inevitable topics for new parents and parents-to-be :)

Food we had were potato salad, pizza, sausages and onion rings. Actually there were also fries on my list, but I'm lousy at deep-frying. It was my first experience actually. OOPS :X

Lastly, we had 2 rounds of cakes brought by the guests~! Yumz!! :D
Durian and ice-cream cakes.. sinful, I can feel my pants are tighter now ^_^


Emily said...

great dinner! I didn't know that was taken! hahah..

poor chloe looks like she wants some ice cream and cakes too. :p

Prima said...

glad that you both have enjoyed it :)

Anonymous said...

The last picture looks like Cedric is look forward to the Ice Cream