Monday, July 7, 2008

Chloe and Jayden: Fun in the House

Thanks to Emily for sharing these pictures. I missed this while preparing food at the kitchen! Oh no, Jayden, what did you do to Chloe??

J: "Chloe, 来来, take pictures.."

*say cheese*

Chloe: "Err.. you're getting too close!"

J: "It's ok one lah.."
Chloe: *act cool*

J: "来来, get closer.."
Chloe: "NOO.. Papa 救我!!"


Emily said...

ok. I confess. The 2 babies are INNOCENT! Can't you see the 2 extra pair of arms trying to put the both of them together?? ;) Whatever happens, ask our husbands!

Prima said...

Hehe.. but Jayden still has naughty look leh! :P

Anonymous said...

From the pictures it seems that Jayden father is responsible for putting Jayden so close to Chloe.

Prima said...

*nod nod*

Daddy & Mummy said...

aiyoh.. Lleyton so jealous leh!! No chance liao lah like that..

Prima said...

got chance! got chance!
she's still single and available ;)

Emily said...

anonymous is the 'victim's daddy! doesn't count! can ask Chloe to keep her options open. Jayden will take FULL responsibility. hahahha