Monday, July 7, 2008


My endeavours in photography:
  • 4 semesters (or was it 6?) photography class during my study, yr 1999 - 2003
The focus on film-developing was real pocket-burning and time-wasting, in my opinion. Also B&W photography, slides-taking, i don't have much impressions on them now. The only thing i love was to have excuse to buy an SLR for the class. My Nikon F60 is still with me, somewhere in the corner of my house, sleeping inside the compact bag.

  • I started to see photography from a different level...
when I had my first camera phone, N7610 back in 2004. Moving on to SE K800 in late 2006. I was once crowned the title 'mobile photography maniacs' by friends and colleagues. I remember uploading some of my favourites to flickr.

  • Then finally bought a point-and-shoot digital camera in March 2007
Our Canon IXUS 75 was mainly used during outings to capture group photos and my pregnancy journey. I didn't explore it a lot until..

  • The arrival of Chloe in Oct 2007
Though taking babies photos are tricky, but it's nice to have a model of your own, 24/7 :) Not to mention all the memorable growing-up phases for my future reminiscences.

So, what's next?

Thanks to online referrals and self-encouragement to take better shots for Chloe, I'm learning more about ISO, composition, contrast etc etc. This is so much better than the school days. All these reinvented interests to photography, it makes me want a DSLR so bad...

But don't worry, I have good self-control (it's really better now >.< ) over financial issues, what are needs and wants. Though I don't mind some luck or surprises to take event :)

Family, has to come first.

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