Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Aftereffects

I don't know why but I easily fall sick during/after holiday. This time is painful sore throat that doesn't seem to heal. Have just seen the doc again for more lozenges and medicines :(

Chloe caught a flu too few days before we came back from Medan. And now it has developed to some nasty cough with thick phlegm, I think it's due to overeating of biscuits during the trip! Let's hope both of us recover soon to enjoy the weekend!

There are a few more changes that are happening after the trip too:
  • Despite sleepy, Chloe is refusing to sleep every nite!! This is the most headache caused for hubby and I. Put her down, she climbed up. Carry her, she cried and struggled and could really fall down if I don't quickly put her down. So far, our best tactic is to ignore her and we pretend sleeping, but has to make sure all the surroundings are safe for her to crawl, pick up and play. Then she gets a little bit more settled down and one of us would be the bad guy to force her to sleep. Then she'll cry, cry and cry pitifully, the other person would play the nice guy to offer to carry and sayang.. And she would sleep soundly after the soothing. Earliest time she would sleep is 10pm!! *yawn*

  • Hyper-active. She is a lot more hyper these days. She just won't stop exploring things around her. Well, good and bad. So tiring for us :P She also has the guts to crawl all around the house now knowing there's no one at the other corner.

  • I just came to realize that she doesn't put her toys into her mouth anymore. This is good!

  • She would crawl to us and say "Mam Mam" when we're eating something. She must have learned it from Jazeline back in Medan, always asking for adults' food!

  • And oh, new milestone, clapping!


O8moments said...

well done, clap-clap :)

Andy Lim said...

Thank you from the bad guy :)