Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Taking a break from the Medan posts, this is how we spent this year mooncake festival. No, we didn't eat any mooncake on that day.

We attended a baby full month celebration in the afternoon. To my surprise, Chloe didn't fuss and warmed up soon. Maybe the holiday at my hometown has trained her to be more sociable :)

There she was posing with a 8-mth baby boy and a 3yr plus pretty girl..

Me posing with the star of the day, Ryan. How easy to carry a newborn these days...

Then in the evening, we attended Zhi Wei & Audrey wedding dinner. And yes, this time with Chloe along. She has been sleeping late since the trip so we thought to give it a try :)

The couple gave out lanterns for all kids. See Chloe's contented face!

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