Friday, September 19, 2008

The Breakfast War

Medan Holiday, Day 3, 7th Sep 2008
The next morning at Mikie Holiday Resort

Chloe: "Jaze, do you think we'll get to eat any of those?"
Jazeline: "You bet, Chloe!"

Chloe: "No, they didn't give!"
Jazeline: "See.. I knew it! Let's protest!!"

Chloe: *disappointed*
Jazeline: "AAARRGHHH... Gimme Fooood!!!!"

Chloe: "Nothing happened leh Jaze!"
Jazeline: "It didn't work?! I got another one!"

Chloe: "Wah seems like we got their attention now!"
Jazeline: "Stop talking and pretend to cry Chloe! Quick!!"

Chloe: *yum yum*
Jazeline: "See Chloe? We win!!"

Chloe: *too focused on biscuits*
Jazeline: "Eh.. who's this fella taking our pics non-stop?"

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