Friday, September 19, 2008

Pillow Fight

Medan Holiday, Day 3, 7th Sep 2008
Back to the room, after breakfast...

We were told to bring along swimming suits for this trip as the holiday actually got hot pool! How nice I thought! Hot bath during cool weather like that... Well too bad the hotel staff claimed that the pool is 'under maintenance'. I guess that's one of the acts to cut cost during off-peak season.

Salute to my brothers and nieces who went for a dip despite the cold weather! Bbrr..... And thankfully, Chloe didn't know how to complain why she was the only kid left in the room yet!!

See Jazeline's cute BEE swimming custome! :) Chloe and her had some scenes before she went to the pool...

Jazeline: "Brroom Brrrroomm! See my cute float!"
Chloe: "Cute meh? Let me see...."

Chloe: "Wah... Indeed very cute!"
Jazeline: "?!?!?!"

Chloe: "Jaze..... Let me try on leh.."
Jazeline: *act blur*

------ #&#$*#@!#*#

Chloe: "Wohoo!! Finally..."

Chloe: "So u know what to do next time?"
Jazeline: "$*%%&#@ My float!!!! $*%%&#@"

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