Wednesday, September 3, 2008

M&M's, Full House And Many More...

Last Saturday we met up with Michelle & Mark (M&M's ^_^) at United Square for lunch. It's good to catch up after some time. The last time we met was at during our Malacca Escapade in June. Phew... time flies!

After lunch at Soup restaurant, Michelle and I were craving for some milk tea at Full House. I just got to know about this place really. Love their Kung fu milk tea. Yumz!

Here is Michelle posing with Chloe, who excitedly hoping us to open up the baby bites wrapper for her.

Then the two men with their equally juicy gossip sessions! Yea u heard me right! ;)

By the way, this cafe is located at the basement with bright orange paint. And a big mirror at one side of the wall. You hardly will miss it! Remember Chloe had fun posing in front of the mirror a week before?

More photos of us in the cafe below:

Chloe in her cheeky self..

And me, aspired to do the Karen Cheng pose.. Haha!!


Andy Lim said...

Men dun gossip hor :p

Prima said...

u sure??

Anonymous said...

eh Dewi! u oso do Karen Cheng one ah?? haha!! Did u join her facebook group or not??

Anonymous said...

erm that was me, cheryl haha. paiseh.

Prima said...

Hi Cheryl.. that's my first time to do karen cheng thingy haha.. just for fun one... are u in the FB group too? i have yet to join though.. still thinking over it hee

Prima said...

OK. i just went to the site, and saw ur face there.. i just uploaded my pics too hehehe :D

how's things over there?