Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Medan, We're Coming!!

As some of you have known, we're going to Medan (my hometown) for holiday this Friday. I haven't gone back since I was pregnant with Chloe. We're gonna stay for 8 days in total. Ye-pee!!

I can hear thru the phone that my family is much looking forward to our visit too. I bet they're most interested to see Chloe in person. Let's hope Chloe would be comfortable to be with my family and won't cry like when they visited last month.

Hopefully with my 3 nieces around, she could warm up faster.

As I started to pack yesterday, Chloe 'helped' to dig out clothes and stuff. I can never blame her for doing so. It's too cute to be missed :) Never mind the mess, at least she made me realized that one luggage is not enough to put all our clothes in. I need to re-pack again tonight, must wait til she sleeps soundly :)

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