Saturday, November 8, 2008

Food Lovers

Good things are meant to be shared.

Few months back, Cheryl introduced us to Hog's Breath Cafe at Holland V. And yesterday we brought Joyce to try it out at their Vivo City branch.

To no disappointment, the set lunch perked us up with soup and dessert combi. Even more value for money. Although I recalled the service at Holland V was better.

A little recap of yesterday's lunch:

"Let me recall what I had the last time we dined ..."

"Oh! Got It! Must be this!"

Close-up on our finger foods combo

The right amount of for the 3 of us.
And if you noticed that one potato that has gone missing...
You bet who snatched it away.. ;P

My craving, baby ribs.. yumz!

Poor Chloe was kinda disappointed at the end of the lunch...

Afterall, she only get to have mashed potato and vegetables.. Oops!

Another time, baby! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I introduced u to Hog's Breath? Fwah i didnt know that haha!! There's another outlet at Chijmes, quite nice also (I sat like inside where there were booths). The steak i had there was really yummy! And it was a friend who brought me there too. hehe. Now u make me feel like eating Hog's Breath!! at midnight! haha! - cheryl

Prima said...

Whoa u are really fast! Yeah we first tried on ur farewell dinner. we love the food a lot.. thanks to u :)

Likewise, looking at the FB photos on u baking butter cake, make me really really really wanna learn baking soon!!! :)

Take care!