Friday, November 7, 2008

Let's Take It Outdoor!

Having confident in Joyce (from The MKJ Photography) since Chloe's first studio shots, I arranged an outdoor photoshoot session for Chloe this morning.

It took place at the Henderson Waves, Hort Park and Vivo City. Boy, we had so much fun!

A few sneaks taken by the unprofessional me:

Chloe striking the right pose for Joyce.

I think Chloe could remember Joyce well. The auntie with the powerful gadgets! :)

Now this is Joyce, me and hubby (making funny face at the background) during lunch.

And Chloe, knocked out in the stroller without us noticing.

Bet she must be really tired posing the whole morning hehe...

I believe it won't be long til I receive all the photos. Oooh la la, so looking forward :)

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