Wednesday, November 12, 2008

From Guthrie House to Marina Bay Golf Course

After the dim sum lunch, hubby met up with JW to have some men talk. Chloe and I tagged along. Never mind the messy house, I was glad that I didn't miss this outing :)

It started off from gelato savoury at Venezia Gelateria at Guthrie House.

Chloe with her milk milk.

The bachelor punishment!
He looks like he's enjoying it, doesn't he?


• • • • •

JW then brought us for dinner at The Canopy, Marina Bay golf course.

Decent al-fresco dining experience with stunning view!

Too bad the weather was a little hot that night,
else the dining would be even more enjoyable with view like this!


Anonymous said...

hey! i was wondering who this JW is until i saw the photo lah! heheeh!!! Wah JW treat u all huh! hehe poor thing always kena teased by us, no fail. He does look like he knows how to carry Chloe leh, not bad ah! haha!

(i hope he wasnt affected by the bank layoff that i read abt in news online??)


Prima said...

i wonder if he would stop coming out to meet us someday cos of this bb training thingy hehehe...

he's doing fine, although as usual, he didn't wanna reveal much :)

Anonymous said...

forever lah this guy...... =/

Anonymous said...

oh must make sure if treat me when i go back sg! HAHAHA!

Prima said...

hahaha ya lor.. so u are online now! :) hubby orr orr liao, will ask him tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

huh! so early orr orr oredi! haah! i need to sleep soon too, tired ah. last nite slept at 2am... Perth is not 1 hr ahead of Singapore cos of daylight savings... til your next post and my next comment - bye! haha!