Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dim Sum at Yan's Palace Restaurant

We were supposed to try out Dallas Chicken & Ribs on Sunday with Alvin and Yu Huan. Too bad it was closed.

After parking our car at Hong Lim complex multi-storey carpark, the nearest makan place we could think of, is this Yan's Palace Dim Sum Restaurant (which we went with Amelia and JW in Sept.) Guess what, we bumped into Amelia too! She must have loved this restaurant a lot. So do we, actually... Best Dim Sum place we tried so far :)

Chloe was delighted to be seated next to this little aquarium

Explore, explore! She wasn't afraid of statue anymore..

The beautiful couple, Alvin and Yu Huan

Mum and babe (who just refused to sit down)

Apart from the wide selection of dim sum, you gotta try these!

įŒŠč„šé†‹ (pig's trotter in vinegar)

Pomelo and Mango sago dessert.. Mmm....

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