Friday, November 14, 2008

Lazy Mummy's Secret Recipe

I love preparing Mee Suah for Chloe during the weekends. It's easy, fast and it tastes yummy. Even if she can't finish it, I could help out :D

I tried putting in (slightly) different ingredients last weekend. I've tried ABC soup base, and carrot/corn combo. This round, I put in broccoli and carrots, with minced meat. Topped with a little bit of wolfberries to sweeten the soup (optional).

I must say this is my favourite, out of the 3 recipes.
I love to see her gulping down lotsa GREEN vegetables (read: broccoli!)

~Yumz Yumz~

For shorter preparation, this works great too!
Carrot, wolfberries and minced meat!

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