Thursday, January 8, 2009

Can't Wait For Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'd be seeing my gynae to confirm this pregnancy. I wish hours would just fly away where I'm now sitting at his clinic already! I just can't wait to find out how many weeks I am in now? When I am due? Hope baby is growing well within me.

Hubby predicts that I'm only in my first month. But the symptoms I'm going through right now makes me feel I'm on my second, if not third! (if that possible??).

Morning sickness on and off throughout the day. Tuesday was kinda bad. Yesterday was pretty fine. And today, I'm starting to feel hungry all the time!

I have urge to eat.. everything! Once I ignore the hunger, I started to get dizzy, I get headache, and I feel so bloated with lotsa gas inside me.. And I may just merlion anytime! Phew..

One thing for sure, all these symptoms are the only way to assure me that baby is growing! I'm praying for a good scan tomorrow where I'll get all the answers. No more guessing games!

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