Thursday, February 5, 2009

10 Weeks

I had my monthly check up last Monday. The little one has grown well, we were able to see head, hands, legs and with extra concentration, the mould of the eyes. Baby was quiet when Dr Tan started the ultrasound scan. The next thing, baby was bouncing and moving around in the waterbag, as though greeting the parents excitedly :)

I have put on 500g since last month. I asked the nurse that I need extra remainders this round, so not to put too much excess weight. I could easily hit 100kg if I put on as fast as I was expecting Chloe. Phew~

The morning sickness is getting more intense lately, especially after I come back from China. MS seemed more under control when I was there. Perhaps I was more focused on how to avoid the cold weather rather than the bloated/indigestive feeling.

Oh, I threw up twice on CNY's eve due to late meals. Our host (distant relatives) was too caught up with their dearests' homecoming, and the firecrackers, hence prepared the meals later :P

The trip would be so much fun if I were able to carry or get down to have fun with Chloe. I barely carry her more than 2 mins these days. Kudos to hubby who had picked up a lot of babysitting and now doing most of the chores at home. He now bathes, changes diapers and feeds Chloe without being reminded. I am now the queen in the house! He even packs his own bag for his trip tonight without any help from me.

With love and appreciation this much, all the morning sickness has become worth it :)

One more thing, my skin is starting to give me problem. This must be one of the effects of hormones changes. I have breakouts at my back. Lots of them! At my arms, and now its territory has crawled over to my neck too! I didn't have this problem with Chloe then.... Ah, is this a sign? ;)

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