Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Love Chloe!

I hate to sneeze now! I don't know if any of expecting ladies out there have similar problem with me? Whenever I sneeze, my whole body was shaken and I could feel all the gas, wind, air inside me trumbling uncontrollably! And that feeling could last for about 5 mins before it totally go away... I always have hard time taming the wild feelings and try very hard not to throw up after I sneeze.

I sneezed this morning! In the car, while sending Chloe off to the inlaws. My face turned pale and I was totally quiet soon after. Hubby knew what I was going through, so he asked Chloe to sayang me. Being such a sweet girl, she leaned her head forward knocking mine.

Later, she took away my hand which was covering my mouth, and leaned forward to plant a kiss to my lips. Ah.. at a moment I almost shoo-ed her away. I'm glad I didn't. Luckily nothing happened while she was kissing me. And that kiss certainly warmed my heart and soothed my tummy soon after we dropped her to SIL...

Oh I love her so so much :*

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