Thursday, February 12, 2009

Post Holiday Quick Updates

I'm happy to have finally completed my holiday posts. At least you, my readers, don't have to see me and hubby in orange jackets anymore... :P

A little recap on our life after the holiday:

Chloe's 7th tooth cut thru her upper gum while we were in China.
I'm still waiting for the 8th..
cos it's kinda weird to see her teeth not appearing in pairs.

We did a few visiting to the relatives this Chinese New Year

Good to see her hair can be clipped-up now :)

We went to visit Caitlyn and family too!

Both girls are too active to have a decent shot now!

Then there were a few Mahjong sessions in the house...

A new stroller for Chloe..
Yep, at 15mths++ then she has her brand new stroller.. :P

Lastly, I spent the whole week home alone with Chloe...

Gladly, Chloe's Papa is coming home tonight! Oh, can't wait~~~

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