Friday, February 13, 2009

Turning 27!

I'm turning one year older tomorrow. Didn't have much excitements about it last year. But I'm so looking forward about tomorrow..

Not as though I'd be celebrating my birthday and v-day under the moon lights, I just feel so blessed about it. For your info, we should be staying at home making our own dinner and catch a show or two in front of our LCD, with the little help of Cable TV.

So, why so happy you must be thinking?

Looking back at my life all these 26 years... I'm absolutely proud to become who I am today. Through life's ups and downs; hiccups and bumps here and there; I am nothing but a happier soul each day.

Happier life is made possible by all the wonderful people I met throughout. The man of my life, my family and friends. Thanks for showering me with love and care, and not gifts and bits. Thanks for always being there when I needed you the most.

Speaking about gifts, somehow hubby surprised me with a gift last night! Something I want but never thought I would buy. How lovely! The government gave me a big present too by approving my citizenship appplication. Yay!!! And the most valuable gift I could ask for myself, has been granted too! I am expecting my 2nd child now!!! *grin*

So, what could be better than celebrating my birthday and v-day, with my loved ones, at our love nest?

Happy Valentine's Day to all readers!!

Signing off with love :*