Friday, February 6, 2009

Quick Tour Around 长林院

Father-in-law bringing Chloe to tour around the house..

First stop.. seeing the chickens! hee..

Oo... Uncle took one of the chickens away...

Posing with the fat chicken

And the next thing you know.... poor chicken...

Another relative grating the coconut..
And you may see some other vege next to him..
Those are all from their own farm!

The Loos.. (lucky there are 2 to accomodate so many of us)

The (new) kitchen

... and the old kitchen! What a great contrast :P


ahbock said...

I like their house! so big... haha... ya, it's good to see they 'upgrade' their kitchen. XD

PRIMA said...

hehe.. HENG I don't have to help out with any cooking there :P

ahbock said...

yalor!! lucky u!!! Wad if they ask u to catch a chicken, then..... eeeeeee~~~

PRIMA said...

haha i'll act faint hehe