Friday, February 6, 2009

The Village Experience

Some of you know that our main purpose this holiday was to celebrate Chinese New Year in the village with the distant relatives.

So one of the relatives drove us from Haikou 海口 to the village 湖丰村 2 days before CNY. It was about one and a half hour journey. The weather gets cooler each day we were there and it was extra cold in the village with stronger wind. Bbrrr...

Lowest temperature we experienced was 9˚C during CNY's eve. The house (长林院) consists of a few blocks of units. The wind was unavoidable because we had to go outdoor whenever we need to go to the loo, the kitchen, the dining room, literally everywhere except the living room! 'Cos our bedrooms are located in the living room unit.

Ah.. I still shiver whenever I think of the place..!
Here's some pictures during our first day..

The Main Gate

Chloe bundled up in 3-4 layers everyday~

Firecrackers! Quick cover your ears...! (she loved the firecrackers btw)

Our (wooden) bed!
Lucky Chloe got the privilege to sleep on spring bed with SIL.

Dining area


ahbock said...

wow, looks fun huh! And i miss my grandma's bed like this oso.. loved to play with the cloth.. but no spring mattress... only hard wood.. I can still remember the smell~

PRIMA said...

same same, i slept on the hard wood also.. but very cold la.. midnite always wake up to go shu shu :P

then u wash ur hand like ice waterr ..ihhhhh

ahbock said...

lol... i experienced this at Cameron highland! yah, the water like ice... so cold until i not dare to brush my teeth... hahaha..

PRIMA said...

ya lor.. sitting on the toilet seat also feels like sitting on ice..brr..

shower once in 2 days only hehhehe