Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aaron! Oh Aaron!!

Why must u come to perform this May???

It's a deja vu to learn he's coming this end May for a concert, and I'm NOT able to be there! Arghhh!!!

I did the math, and I should be around 27weeks pregnant by then..




Andy Lim said...

Its okay, dun waste money on him. :p

PRIMA said...

Anti-Aaron comments are not allowed! *roll eyes* Bleah!! U'll get it tonight!

Mrs Kam said...


When I was pregnant with my #1, I actually went for 2 concerts when I was quite heavily pregnant. Hubby actually asked me to go for another one when I was close to 35 weeks, only that one I said no, too risky :-) As long as you bring enough fluids, and make sure you don't get yourself too tired, why not?

PRIMA said...

Thanks Kam! I need more positive comments like urs to convince the husband hahaha..

but seems like very slim chance, sigh..

O8moments said...


PRIMA said...

hahahhahaha gimme five babe! :)

Anonymous said...

why cannot go concert when u are pregnant???? - cheryl

PRIMA said...

Cheryl, Mr Play-safe thinks I better not join the crowd. Maybe he's afraid that I'll lose control and jumping up and down too :P

Also, I can't find anyone who can babysit Chloe for me leh~~

Andy Lim said...

No lah cheryl. Why waste money going to a concert by a man who cannot SING!! :p

Anonymous said...

Andy Lim: HAHAHA AL cannot sing?!

Dewi: Personally i think no probs with going when you're preggers, but if you're gonna jump up and down then... Mr Play-Safe might be right! :p But then again he love and worry for you mah hor :p Plus of cos no babysitter would be def be the prob! haha!

Oh! Ask Mr Play-Safe to sing for you, do concert at home lah! HAHA!!


PRIMA said...

Cheryl, ya he did offer me that! and the concert started last nite where he snored uncontrollably loud!! -____-""